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We Build Porches Throughout Maidstone, Medway & Surrounding Areas.

Building a porch is a great way to modernise the front of your home, a porch can add depth, style as well as extra space. A bespoke designed and constructed porch from Applefields will seamlessly integrate into the existing building making extra space that would otherwise be taking up room and creating clutter inside your home.

How will a porch make my home more efficient?

A porch could make your home more energy efficient by creating a second layer to stop heat escaping.

When leaving or entering the house warm air rushes out and is replaced with cold air from outside. This is a simple case of warm air wanting to rise therefore rushing out of the open door and escaping into the atmosphere, of course the air from your home will be replaced with the higher density cold air from outside.

The end result being your house will be colder and your central heating will have to work harder to warm that cold air up!

A porch does a good job at preventing this by forming a kind of air lock, when the door is opened the most air you will lose is the air that’s in the porch. Once the door is closed again and you enter your house there is no draft and no additional heat loss.

Why use Applefields to Build Your Porch?

Applefields are an award winning company, with services ranging from new build homes, double and single story extensions right through to our award winning Landscaping services.

We will be with you from the planning stages of your project right through to the finishing touches.

Applefields are not just your average builders, we are courteous, friendly and most of all professional.

We recognise that building work can be intrusive to your family and your neighbours, our team make every effort to be sure that the whole process is as effortless for you as possible.

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