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Planning and building regulations a minefield?

It dosen't have to be, by reading relevant and accurate information provided by industry professionals means that you will have access to the correct answers to your questions from the very beginning.

Remember it is the responsibilty of the homeowner to ensure all relevant permissions have been sought. It will also probably cause an issue if you ever wish to sell your property that hasn't had the correct permissions obtained for improvements or an extension.

We are partnered with the LABC, the link to their website and who they are is below, which will provide all the of information you require regarding planning.

You may also wish to visit this link regarding recent changes to building near or over public drains on your property....you probably will require permission from the local water authority.


We aim to assist all of our clients through the process to make it as easy as possible. Please contact us if you we can help you in planning your project.

Applefields Ltd are a Local Authority Building Control Partner

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales. It's members work cooperatively with building owners, home owners, architects, plan drawers, developers, building contractors and other professionals to ensure buildings are safe, healthy and efficient to meet the standards set by the building regulations.

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