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Lawns - Real & Artificial make it easy on yourself

The key to a good lawn is the correct preparation, good and regular maintenance and then enjoy! Lawns needn't be a chore and with a little housekeeping at key times of the year, it will look green all year and provide a great place for entertaining, play, wildlife or simply admiring. Like anything in life the most important part of a lawn is the preparation, like a cake if you do not get the mix right it will not rise, so a lawn will not thrive if not looked after in the initial stages. We can import new or work with your existing soils, provide locally grown turf that will grow in our area, on our soil. Imported turf from other regions of the UK will not always do as well as a locally grown turf. Seeding is another option, a lot more initial preparation is required and you have to be patient, but it can be less expensive.

Want the ultimate low/no maintenance lawn...try artificial

Artificial lawns have come a long way since the astro turf type sports artificial grass that everyone remembers. Nowadays, there are many grades to choose from, depending on the wear it is to receive. Harder grades for extreme wear from children and pets to something that depicts a bowling green are now available. Spending a decent amount of money per square metre is the key, the more you spend the greater the quality and look of the artificial lawn. Many have different lengths and colours in the same lawn, providing a more authentic look. They are immediate require no watering, cutting, feeding, scarifying, can be hosed off if they become muddy or used by pets and are porous to allow water to penetrate. Artificial grass is not for everyone, but especially for smaller spaces, long term they can be an effective all year round solution to providing a garden with a lawn that looks great and can be used all of the time. Again the key is preparation, correct sub bases, weed membranes and finishing techniques are all important, we can discuss with you how an artificial lawn is laid.

Examples Of Our Work

Key Features:
  • Quality lawns prepared and laid
  • New soil imported if required
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Various turf types available for shade tolerance, pets, children etc.
  • Artificial lawns supplied and laid or supplied only.
  • An excellent alternative for the small garden, no mowing, weeding or watering, great for kids or pets.
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